Monday, March 31, 2014

Fullerton College Centennial Portraits

During 2014 Fullerton College is celebrating it's one hundredth birthday. It is a big to-do, and rightly so, it is is the oldest continuously running community college in our state. The college has included me in their "Art Legends" gallery show and I am one of a few artists who have been asked to do portraits of significant players in the college history. Last year I did the portrait of a gal named Esther Litchfield Hatch, the first female dean at the college, back in the 30s. This was followed by Leon Leyson (you can scroll down to older posts and find these pieces featured) and now the final four have been delivered.

First Lady Pat Nixon
She was fun to paint, nice doo. It amused me to do portraits of both Pat Nixon and Wavy Gravy in the same year. I wonder how they would have got along.

Coach Hal Sherbeck
I didn't get much reference material on Hal but this shot was irresistible. I got to use the stage lighting effects I learned from studying Frank Lisciandro's photos. The blue and yellow on the shadow side of his face are the school colors.


Leo Fender
Leo's guitars and amps are legendary, but there aren't a lot of photos of the man himself. I was happy to get the cooperation of the Fender museum to get some seldom seen images for reference.

California Supreme Court Cruz Reynoso
Cruz is a Brea boy. We had a nice visit and he was given the opportunity to be portrayed any way he wanted, and this was his choice. His role in civil rights is definitely something to be proud of.

All these were fun to do, each with their own challenges and rewards. Thanks to Bob Jensen for getting me the gig and making the business part seamless.

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