Monday, April 4, 2011

Archive: Early Drawings

Jo and Ken

The Jam

Here's some early sketches from 1970~75. They're all pretty spontaneous, done from life or terrible photos. Some of these are a bit embarrassing, but hell, I was a teenager and rejected most of the opportunities to improve; had to do it the hard way...

I had gone textbook shopping with Saylor in LA and found this girl in one of them about Geography or some odd topic; but I liked the image.

This is Adam and Aaron Smith playing ball in the front yard, I think it was done from a photo.

Neil Young hopping around the junkyard.

Scott lived in a garage for a short time and we'd draw there. This was a wall...

Mark Ferree asleep. Done from life.

Must've got some colored pencils from someone, this is pretty rare for me. I don't know why I put these two together but years later Neil told a great story of he and Jimi stealing a truck together.

Magic Mountain excursion with Jo, Holly and Ken.

More Jimi, I like doing celebrities in everyday situations rather than performing.

But I never missed a great performance shot either...