Wednesday, July 31, 2013

American Art Collector Magazine

This is fun. American Art Collector is a well respected magazine on art and artists. Deborah was featured in the premier issue and then a follow up article a couple years later. 
Now I'm in the August 2013 issue, although in a different capacity. Recently I was accepted into the Portrait Society of America and through them I was able to be listed in the Portrait Artists Directory on page 68 of this magazine. My work is in good company here, and shows well with these other artists. There is also a web presence with this nifty blurb through December.
There's always room for a portrait in your home or office. There are a million special occasions that can be commemorated with a portrait. Graduations, promotions, a milestone, special interests and loved ones can all be celebrated with a portrait; either formal or fun. Look around and give me a call.