Friday, July 20, 2012

Orange County Fair 2012

This is the third time I've entered the fair and I've been lucky that all my entries have been accepted AND I've earned five awards in that time. This year I submitted "Resuscitation" and "The Hub" which pulled a Staff Award and Honorable Mention respectively. 
There was a ton of work in the show, 1900 pieces in the fine arts division (which included photography, sculpture, watercolor, mixed media, digital and many other categories). This year I went to the 'Judge's Walk Through' for the first time. You follow the judges around the exhibit as they offer insights to their selection process and give a light critique of some of the winners. It was pretty 101 but a nice way to see the work through someone else's eyes. They said they liked the way I 'handle paint' and the unique perspective of "The Hub" kept them coming back as they considered the entries for awards.
As a side note we counted the number of entries from Deborah's painting class, there were almost forty, and at least six of them won awards, some of them major awards in both amateur and professional categories. One year ALL the award winners (except one HM) were from her classes. So if you're ever looking for a painting class...