Friday, March 11, 2011

Archive: Watercolor

Watercolors are merciless. It looks like I must have got a small set of them in late '73 or so and did these few pieces. It was one medium I didn't want to pursue.

A few years after I did the big painting for Tom's Schwinn I did some smaller paintings for Placentia Schwinn. This is a color study for one of the larger paintings.

This was done in the spring of '74, a pastoral portrait of Jeanne and Dick on their patio.

This was a Christmas gift for Jo. She was on World Campus Afloat and wrote about an amazing experience she had horseback riding in Fiji. This was my interpretation.

A Film About Jimi Hendrix came out in '73 and this was a painting that graced the album cover and posters for the movie. A bunch of us went to the opening night, which made for some great stories; and of course I had to do my version of the promo painting.

Saylor has always been the guru of alternative ideas. I guess this looks like he's got the ol' noggin' cranking away. This is dated '74.

Brant at an O'Neill park kegger in the same period of time. That's really his signature.

* * *

One of the reasons I never pursued watercolor is it can have an anemic quality, I liked stuff to be pretty intense back then. So later I tried painting watercolor style with ink instead of gum arabic based paint. This was better suited to my eye, but it is still a very unforgiving process.

A little looser, gestural, than most of my stuff, but I try to keep my drafting right on. I figure you can do anything with color if the drawing is solid.

This was for Scott's 40th birthday invitation. I did a whole bunch of portraits in this ink wash method, but since I didn't keep records back then this copy of the actual invite is all I have from this series.

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