Saturday, March 12, 2011

Archive: First Oil Paintings

I don't know how it came about, it's been so long; but I acquired some oil paints and went to work. The first pieces were done of rockers, followed by a series for Jeanne Gladden that started with a portrait of her sister (I don't have access to that one).

Jimi - Collection of Scott McNeil
The first oil, this is where I learned you need to have a good drawing before you start painting.

The Poet - Collection of Aaron Smith
Drawing had improved, maybe tried to cram too much in...

EIAJ - Collection of Aaron Smith (way to go Aaron!)
Learning a bit about how strokes affect texture.

Dick - Collection of Gladden Family
This was done from a ridiculous picture, Dick's head was the size of a pencil eraser in the photo.

Jeanne - Collection of Gladden Family
Working from a better photo but still much to learn.

Jo - Collection of Gladden Family
This was the first of the three. During her lunch break Jeanne asked me to do this painting for Jo's graduation present. I delivered the painting to her before she got off work at six the same day (I like to work fast... ). It hung over their fireplace forever.

Richie - Collection of Richie Strickland

This was really my first piece of just doing an oil painting for the sake of painting. Rich and I were doing a lot of recording work back in '74 and this came about as we were sitting around. I seem to remember taking a Polaroid and working from that.

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